• 12 noon
  • 3rd Wednesday of each month
  • Bear Community Center
    75 Bear River Drive
    Evanston, WY 82930


Member Name
Board Position
Representing Organization
Job Title
Alex Moscinski President Evanston Businessman 
Kerri Sabey Vice President Uinta County Conservation District
Patricia Arnold Secretary Uinta County Public Health State Public Health Supervisor
Cody Bateman Treasurer Uinta Bank Officer
Heath Beaudry
Member U.S. Bank

Joy Bell Member  Compassionate Journeys Owner
Lynne Fox
Member Uinta County Clerk
Wade Henderson
Member Bear River State Park
Lindsey Lester
Member Chevron Operations Assistant

LaDonna Howard
Member Business Owner

Staff Partners

  • Kevin Murphy, Evanston Parks and Recreation District Parks Manager
  • Jay Dee Nielson, Evanston Parks and Recreation District Director