Water Aerobics

A low impact workout combining muscular strength and endurance with cardiovascular training.

Instructors: Sara and Sam 

Sam's Bio:
I started out by participating in a water aerobics class. I loved the resistance and being able to increase and decrease the intensity of my workout to my level. I toned, became stronger and lost weight. I was able to do water aerobics through my entire pregnancy and a back injury. Then, I was able to attend class to help lose the pregnancy weight. So when a teaching position became available of course I took it. I love the variety of things that water offers and the all over toning. My water aerobics class is a medium to high intensity. However, I welcome everyone and encourage working at your own fitness level. In this class we combine all over body toning, isolation of muscle groups and cardio using equipment and the water for resistance. I have a variety of ages and abilities that attend my class. If you are wanting a good workout and you're willing to work this class will definitely work you.