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Let's Work It Out!!

We want to welcome everyone to our NEW blog! We are excited to help all those who want to better themselves! We want this blog to build a community between our patrons and instructors! We can't wait to share our favorite articles, music that get's you movin', nutritional facts, and so much more! We also want your opinion on what you want to see from this blog, so don't be scared to comment and tell us what YOU need to stay motivated and become a better YOU!!

Mar 19


Posted on March 19, 2018 at 11:21 AM by Emileigh Hillstead

Hello Hello!
I have found that I have neglected this wonderful blog for a couple months. Which I apologize!! I hope that everyone's New Year was amazing and you all are working hard to achieve your resolution goals. 
Today I just wanted to talk a little about stretching before a workout. First, who stretches every time before they workout?? I know that I don't. Which I can tell the difference half way through my workout that I should have stretched and worked on my mobility. I did some research and found that stretching before a workout helps; 
• reduce muscle tension, and make the body feel more relaxed
• increase the range of motion
• prevent muscle strains: a strong pre-stretched muscle resists stress better than a strong unstretched muscle
• prevent joint strains
• reduce the risk of back problems
• prepare the body for strenuous exercise
• increase ‘body awareness’
• promote circulation
• for females, reduces the severity of painful menstruation (dysmenorrhea)
• increase the learning, practice, and performance of many types of skilled movements
• reduce muscular soreness
These are some major concerns that if you are working out and strain a muscle or pull a muscle could have you unable to workout for days or even weeks. 
Why not just stretch?? 
Is it that difficult to put another ten minutes in your workout for stretching?? 
Just try it out.
Have a great day everyone!!
Dec 22


Posted on December 22, 2017 at 8:34 AM by Emileigh Hillstead

I have mentioned this before that some of my posts my be a little different from the stereotypical"Work Out" blogs. This post is going to prove that instantly. I haven't posted in a long time... but during this Holiday season, I felt that I needed to put a few things down. Because it is the holiday season we see a lot more of forgiveness, charity, service, and all around kindness. This is great and helps so many in need, however I find myself thinking.. Why do we have to show these attributes during the "Holiday Season"? What would happen if there was general kindness and love all year? 
My family was raised on the book and movie's A Christmas Carol by: Charles Dickens, if you haven't heard of this story then that is my first challenge to you. Find and read this book. Anyways the story is of a man named Ebenezer Scrooge, who is an old miser who cares about one thing.. money. He is financially the richest man in town. But he is grouchy, mean, selfish, etc. He soon is visited by his old business partner who passed away, Jacob Marley. During this visit Jacob tells him that he is going to be visited by three ghost. These ghosts take him through his life and help Ebenezer understand that the greatest business in the world is mankind. By the end of the story Ebenezer changes his ways and starts becoming the richest man in the town, not only financially but also through love, kindness, and service towards others. This story does take place during the Christmas season, but shows us that we can always serve and be kind to others.
So during this holiday season and the time when we are making our New Years resolutions that yes, we can try to work out more, eat better, etc. OR we could show kindness everyday, serve others, be kind, and have charity in our hearts all year.
Just something to think about.
Merry Christmas Everyone!!
Aug 15

Back to School and Back to the Gym!

Posted on August 15, 2017 at 11:03 AM by Emileigh Hillstead

"Back to School! Back to School, to prove to dad I am not a fool!"?
The time is here! School is back in session meaning as parents you have a small amount of free time during your day! Now I understand that you want to rest from the summer and have moments to yourself. Everyone has their own special spot where they like to unwind from the day, what I am here to say is... Why not make the gym that place? In the words of Elle Woods in the movie Legally Blonde "Exercise gives you endorphin's. Endorphin's make you happy. Happy people just don't kill their husbands. They just don't." Now I am not saying that if you don't work out that you are going to kill anyone, however by working out all your feelings of frustration, sadness, anger, etc. you can become a better and more understanding person towards those that you love. 
Currently the Evanston Rec Center has been approved to expand our Power Court. This will give us the opportunity to bring more modern equipment in to better serve our patrons. We are frantic to get the materials in so we can start renovations in September. The Rec Center is always looking to better ourselves so that we might better the community.