Power Court

Two rooms that offer a variety of free-weight machines such as:
 - Angled Leg Press
- Smith Machine
- Incline Lever Row
- Seated Calf
- Incline Bench Press
- Abdominal Board/Roman Chair
- Dumbbell Racks/Free Wt. Racks
- Dip Station/Pull Up Bar
- Flat, Incline & Decline Benches
- Cable Crossover Machine
- Bench Press
- Lat Pull Down Machine
- Preacher Curl Bench
- Power Rack
- Oly Bench
- Lifting Platform

Policies and Procedures:
Must be 18yrs. minimum to use Power Court
- 14- 17 yrs. must be directly supervised by an adult
- All users must have Pass or pay General Admission
- All users are expected to return the free weights and dumbbells to proper weight racks after use.