Coed Softball

May 20 - July 24

One umpire per game, no awards.
Teams must designate one umpire to represent their team. 
Monday Evenings - 1 game weekly for 10 weeks.
(Tues/Wed nights if needed)
Registration Deadline: Friday, May 10
Fee: $305 per team. Includes 10 games, Umpires, WASA fee, misc. costs. $25 discount if paid by Sunday, May 5
Games Located: Overthrust Ballfield


Standings as of July 22

Alliance Drilling Tools90
Lincoln Hwy Tavern72
99 Problems62
Fit Chicks & Dad Bods64
Big Sticks Dirty Mitts54
The Shifters54
ERH No Codes44
Hit & Run44
Karl's Love Muffins44
19th Hole Tools45
City Drug35
Ball Buster16
Balls & Dolls18
Rain For Rent18