Tree Board Ordinance

Evanston Tree Board Ordinance

City Code 17-14 Street Tree Advisory Board

There is hereby created a street tree advisory board, which shall consist of the City planner, parks manager, a law enforcement officer, a public works employee and five other citizen members-at-large who are residents of Evanston, Wyoming, who shall be appointed by the mayor and confirmed by the City council.

A. The members-at-large shall serve on the board for a term of three years. However, said terms shall be staggered with two of the initial appointees serving one year, two serving two years and one of the initial appointees serving three years.

B. At-large members of the board shall serve without compensation.

C. It shall be the responsibility of the board to study and develop written standards for the care, preservation, pruning and planting of street trees.

D. The board shall elect its officers and keep a record of its proceedings. A majority of members shall be a quorum for the transaction of business.

For more information about City codes regarding trees, please see the City Code chapter 17 article 3. This may be found on the City of Evanston's website.